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March Skin Care to-do list

As we begin to shrug off the heaviness of winter, there’s a sense of coming ease and renewal. We want to experience it in every aspect of our lives including our skin care. From rethinking your diet to paring down your product requirements, here are our suggestions on how to uncomplicate and optimize your spring skin care routine.

1) Use products that do double-duty - Simplify your routine with multi-tasking products where ever possible. Green Tea Antioxidant Cleanser is an over-achiever that actually does triple-duty as a facial cleanser, body wash, and shampoo all-in-one. For skin, it’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory to support a healthy skin barrier and protect against UV and environmental stressors. For hair and scalp, it’s gentle, sebum-reducing, and will bring the shine.

2) Reorganize your routine: A change in seasons is the perfect time to take stock of your skin care routine and make sure you’re using the right products. It may be time to swap heavier moisturizes for lighter ones. it might be time for a toner with a little more muscle to keep up with skin acclimating to a more humid environment.

3) Self-care is a must: A little yoga, some afternoon green tea breaks, the occasional nap, your favorite song, and some at-home spa treatments on the reg will improve your skin and your outlook.

4) Exfoliate more: Dry winter air can cause skin cells to die faster resulting in a buildup of dead skin cells. Shed winter dullness and get back your glow with some exfoliation. Use a rejuvenating scrub a few times a week to physically slough away the cellular debris making skin look tired. For a cell metabolism booster, work in an acid-based corrective serum.

5) Use a balm with benefits: Perk up your pout with a softening balm that also defines and volumizes.

6) Improve your sleep schedule: Good sleep is critical to healthy skin. Maximize your body’s natural repair cycle by giving your sleep routine a revamp. Shoot for eight hours a night, sleeping and waking at consistent times. Adjust your activities, dim your devices, lighten your thoughts.

Treat yourself to the skin and confidence you deserve… Immediate appointments are available at all locations. Call now to start your new regimen.

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