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Make this Friday the 13th a Lucky One with These 13 Skincare Steps

We all know the scary legend behind Friday the 13th so let's turn this one into a lucky one. Here are the top 13 steps towards happy, healthy skin.

1. Routine – Consistency in your skincare routine will lead to results. Don’t forget that practice makes perfect.

2. Patience – New skincare products are exciting but remember most skin cells take 6-8 weeks to turn over, so if you don’t see results right away, don’t rule out the product quite yet.

3. Hydrate – Water is important for your insides and out, so drink up.

4. Sunscreen – Use it. Preferably an SPF of 30 or more that protects against both UVA and UVB rays.

5. Sleep – It is proven that poor sleep (less than 5 hours of sleep a night) are more likely to have fine lines, uneven pigmentation and reduced skin elasticity. So, sleep up!

6. Relax – Easier said then done but stress can cause breakouts and excess oil.

7. Eat right – A diet filled with healthy fats, fruits and veggies can make a dramatic difference to your skin.

8. Shampoo Smart – Don’t like those hair products run onto your face while showering or sweating. They will cause clogs in your pores creating acne.

9. Get Good Bacteria – Your skin and gut health are intricately linked together. Eating high quality probiotics such as sauerkraut and yogurt are great for your gut.

10. Moisturize – Avoid dry, dull looking skin by applying moisturizer after you cleanse in the morning and evening.

11. Exfoliate – Avoid flaky skin by investing in a good scrub or gentle exfoliating mask. You should exfoliate twice a week to free yourself of dead skin cells and clogged pores.

12. Clean Your Phone – It’s gross and each time you put it up to your face that dirt is getting on your skin. Clean it OFTEN.

13. Exercise – It increases the circulation in your body helping send nutrients to your skin more easily. It also reduces stress hormones that may cause the constriction of blood flow and, in turn, helps give your skin a natural glow.

Immediate appointments are available in all our locations; Sugarloaf, Mechanicsburg, Leola, Camp Hill, Bethlehem and Gilbert… Call now or click to schedule online.

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