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How Best to Treat and Prevent Maskne

If you haven’t already experienced maskne, you likely could as you spend more time outdoors this summer, due to the heat, humidity, sunscreen and facial products. And treatment is tricky. You can’t use powerful products like alpha hydroxy acids, chemical peels or Retin A to blast the acne because they will further damage the fragile skin barrier, making it more sensitive to the mask’s irritating effects.

Here’s how to treat as well as possibly prevent it:

  • Choose a 100% cotton mask to allow the skin to breath

  • Keeping skin well moisturized which will cut down on chafing

  • Cut down on skincare products, keeping active serums like retinol for nighttime

  • Keep skin clean and hydrated with microbiome-friendly products to help strengthen the skin’s natural barrier

  • Consider going without make-up

If Maskne continues, it may not be caused directly by the mask but by stress.

Do you need help with your Maskne or Acne?

Immediate appointments are available in all our locations; Sugarloaf, Mechanicsburg, Leola and Camp Hill… Call now or click to schedule.

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