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What are the benefits of watermelon?

The entire watermelon has skincare benefits.

The pulp is loaded with water, which is naturally hydrating for dry skin.

  • The rinds are used to help skin irritations and help hydrate and repair skin.

  • The seeds are made of protein and are fortified with fatty acids to help plump and hydrate skin.

It helps to moisturize, plump the skin, and also soothe the skin. It can help with flakiness and dry skin that we experience from time to time and also fine lines and sometimes wrinkles as well.

Having watermelon can help soothe skin in addition to the active ingredients in a blend can really help treat acne and breakouts that a lot of people are having right now. Overall hydration is the number one thing you can do, and watermelon is perfect for that.

It is safe for all skin types and that includes acne-prone, break-out prone and sensitive skin types. It’s anti-inflammatory which diffuses redness or stressed-out skin.

Add watermelon by adding a watermelon toner after cleansing. This will help the penetration of all products because it’s getting the skin that much cleaning. A watermelon face mask at night will lead to waking up with hydrated, glowing skin.

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