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Go-to guide for self-isolation skin care

Our DermDox Dermatology facials can help maintain a clear complexion, but now is the time to stay home to help flatten the curve. So how do you keep your skin in good shape while quarantined at home? Here is your go-to guide for self-isolation skin care.

1) Your facial appointment can wait – Seriously. This is a serious situation and as much as we love facials, they aren’t essential. So, let it go… it’s just not gonna happen right now. 2) Try to keep up your regular routine – Staying at home and social distancing could make it tempting to get a little lazy with your skin care routine, but consistency is really key. Continuing your normal regimen will keep your skin on track and can help it stay calm, clear and shielded from the elements. 3) At-home facials can be a nice distraction – If you want to simulate one of our facials at home?

Try it with these steps:

Step 1 - Cleanse your skin: If you're already wearing makeup, Marino suggests double or triple cleansing. Step 2 - Steam your skin: To help open your pores cover your head with a towel then place your face over a pot of hot water with essential oils or herbal tea. Step 3 - Exfoliate: Try an enzyme scrub (sensitive skin types can try a less abrasive exfoliating mask) to slough off dead skin cells. Step 4 - Apply a mask: After washing off the scrub, clear skin of impurities with a mask focused on your current needs (acne, dryness, etc.). Step 5 - Massage skin: Wash off your mask and massage all around your face, focusing movement upward. Step 6 - Tone skin: Press (don't rub) a touch of toner into the skin using cotton pads to hydrate and balance it out. Step 7 - Serum and moisturizer: Now that your pores are opened up, it's time to soak in some nutrients with a serum and moisturizer targeted to your skin's needs. Step 8 - Don't forget your lips and eyes: Add a moisturizing lip balm and hydrating eye cream to round out your facial.

4) Don’t be surprised if your skin starts to break out 5) You can always try a virtual consultation - Virtual Dermatology is available at DermDox Dermatology. All you need is a smartphone and connect to us through FaceTime or Skype. Medicare and most private insurances accepted. Call now: 570.459.0029

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