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Seven Benefits of Getting a Facial

Did you know there are tons of hidden health benefits to facials? We suggest getting one at least once every four to six week and for good reason. Some of these hidden perks will blow your mind. Here are the top seven benefits of treat yourself to regular facials that are also FACTS.

  1. Chill out – Getting a facial is an excellent way of taking an hour or two just for yourself and relax.

  2. Fight acne – Your skin esthetician should know exactly which products to use to help combat your problem areas.

  3. Improve your circulation – A facial massage is fabulous for improving circulation and vascular function which will help your skin get the nourishment it needs to look its best.

  4. Slow aging – Facials are usually filled with amazing anti-aging creams filled with nutrients including vitamins, polyphenols, flavonoids, retinol and peptides that work together to tackle any signs of aging on your face.

  5. Tighten up your skin – Products used in facials typically help the production of collagen and hence rejuvenate our skin and promote a tighter feel to the face.

  6. Detox your body – Pick a facial that provides a bit of manual lymphatic drainage which is dispensing of any unwanted toxins. It will also help reduce any bloating around the face and expel any toxins that could be triggering toxins.

  7. Refresh your eyes – From dark circles, puffiness and crows’ feet, there are products you can buy off the shelf to help however these don’t come close to those in professional facials.

Here’s another FACT! February is for facials at DermDox Dermatology with our Buy One Get One Facial 50% OFF. This is being offered in our Sugarloaf & Leola offices.

Click for more information on our DermDox facials!

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