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A Green Christmas Tree Can Mean Red Skin

Are you itching to deck those halls?? Well, the last thing you want to is be itching when you are

finished. Handling Christmas trees can leave many with red and irritated skin. Many trees are sprayed with preservatives or a coating that can irritate the skin, while some other people are irritated by pine needles.

It happens almost immediately and has a very simple name, contact irritation. Ask the Derm’s Dr. Stephen Schleicher says the treatment is just as simple as its name and says as soon as you see the red blotches or start to itch get yourself to the sink and wash your skin thoroughly.

Dr. Steve says that while the tree is usually the most obvious culprit for holiday decorating itchiness, there may be something lurking in your decorations. He says “many people keep decorations in the attic where they can collect dust mites which can also cause skin problems.” He advises people with sensitive skin take extra precautions and wear gloves when trimming the tree or digging out those decorations.

While Dr. Steve says these are usually mild irritations, he says if avoiding contact and washing with mild soap doesn’t help or if the rash does not appear until a day or two after contact, it may be a sign of a more serious condition and you should contact your doctor.

If you have a question you would like answered, Ask the Derm DIRECTLY! Email Dr. Steve directly and get your questions answered. Email him now!!

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