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#FaceFacts - You’re not applying sunscreen right, scientist warn

People are putting themselves at risk by applying sunscreen too thinly, according to a new study.

Research has found that rubbing the lotion on incorrectly can mean it provides less than half the expected degree of protection – no matter what SPF you use. Basically, more is better when it comes to sunscreen.

So here is a reminder on how to apply it:

SPF ratings are based on the assumption that a 2mg blob will cover 1 sq cm of skin. That means you should apply at least six full teaspoons to cover the body of an average adult.

More than half a teaspoon to:

  • each arm

  • the face, neck and ears

More than one teaspoon to:

  • each leg

  • chest and abdomen

  • back

Areas such as the sides of the neck, temples and ears are commonly missed, so take extra care and apply liberally.

It is also easy to forget to reapply sunscreen as often as necessary.

  • Put it on 15 to 30 minutes before going out in the sun, to allow it to dry

  • Top up again shortly after heading outdoors, to cover any missed patches and ensure you're wearing a sufficient layer

  • Reapply at least every two hours and immediately after swimming or if it has rubbed off

Some lotions say they are water resistant, meaning they retain some sun protection properties after immersion.

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