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#FACEFACTS - Hot Showers

#FACEFACTS – A hot shower is NOT good for your skin or hair. It not only dries out your skin, but if

you color your hair… that color will fade faster.

Everyone loves a hot shower, except maybe your skin and hair. At it turns out, hot water dries out skin and leaves hair brittle. If you color your hair, the color is likely to fade faster once the water gets steamy. Showers above 99 degrees may trigger inflammation, causing rashes and exacerbating eczema. Ultimately the best temperature that offers the greatest hair and skincare benefits is cold.

Cold showers strengthen the contractile fibers around pores, muscles and hairs which improves the firmness of skin. While cold may be too cold for many, the best solution is to take a warm, tepid shower and then finish off with a cold rinse the last few seconds to gain the benefits.

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