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Why you shouldn’t be towel drying your face…

Everyone knows the importance of cleansing your skin – the beauty world has ensured that you

know the ins and outs of it. And as important cleansing is, there’s one major detail post it that you tend to ignore. Imagine this, you’ve taken off your makeup and cleansed your skin thoroughly, making sure you’ve got rid of all the dust, dirt and grime. And then, you take your amazingly soft towel and rub your face dry – and that’s where you’re skincare nightmare begins. Seemingly normal, drying your face post a cleanse is a reflex. However, research shows that products tend to penetrate the skin a lot better when damp, making them a lot more effective. By rubbing or patting your face dry, you remove moisture, making it difficult for the product to reach the deeper layer of the dermis. Other than this, your towel probably sits on the stand all day, accumulating bacteria through the day. This bacteria transfers itself on to your skin, of course making its way to your pores. Yes, this means no matter how much your slather on that face wash and cleanse your skin, the moment you pat the towel on to your face your back to square one. Here’s what you need to be doing instead.


Once you gently splash your face with water, swipe your hand across your cheeks and neck and remove the excess water.


Gently pat your skin with your hands to dry your face a little.


Continue with the next step of your skincare routine, by applying the product on damp skin. Spritz a little mist across your face to dampen it if it feels dry.

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