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Spring & Eczema

Warmer Temps = Eczema Flare Ups… How to Save Your Skin This Spring!

Don’t let seasonal eczema outbreaks ruin the beautiful spring weather for you! For many people living with eczema, spring can be a challenging time. Air conditioning, sweating, dry heat, humidity, chlorine in pools and pollen are all known triggers for eczema.

As the seasons change, your skin can get very dry. When dry skin cracks, bacteria and toxins penetrate your skin and through those cracks. This upsets your immune system, and your body fights back. It has a reaction — often an allergic reaction — that erupts as an eczema breakout.

The best way to fight eczema this spring is HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE. Drink at least eight

glasses day. Your skin will thank you. There are some additional steps you can take:

• Avoid exposure to dry air • Avoid prolonged contact with hot or chlorinated water • Use a gentle cleanser instead of soap • Avoid using skin care products that contain alcohol • Moisturize immediately after a bath or shower and regularly throughout the day • Use a humidifier • Prevent heaving sweating by wearing loose, cotton clothing

If you suffer from eczema and need to see a Dermatologist, immediate appointments are available in both our Hazleton and Mechanicsburg DermDox Dermatology Centers. Plus Mechanicsburg now offers Thursday appointments and Saturday hours from 8:30am to 1pm on every third Saturday of the month. Call now schedule your appointment or click to schedule online.

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