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Skincare tips for the changing weather

These days the weather changes faster than you can snap your fingers. One day you are in flip

flops, the next minute you are putting on a bulky sweater. But this weather whiplash isn’t just causes wardrobe changes, it’s also hitting your skin.

Drastic flip flopping temperatures not only confuse us on what to clothes to wear each day, but it also confuses the skin. Consider your skin like a spring flower. The 60-degree weather in February may cause that daffodil to bloom earlier than it should. The same goes for your skin especially when the next day the temperature plummets back to the 30’s.

The warm and wet air will add some moisture to your skin, but the drastic temperature difference from one day to the next can cause dramatic changes to your skin. It may dry out and become very itchy very quickly especially with your hands. If you suffer from Eczema your skin’s reaction to the temperature changes may be even worse.

So what can you do??

Ask the Derm says when the temperature changes you need to look at your cleanser first. The changes in the air may mean you need to change your cleanser from day to day, so not to dry out your skin. Colder weather dries your skin out, while the warmer weather won’t. Take a look at your lotion as well. When the temperature flip flops it will become more dry, so applying lotion several times a day may be the answer. You also want to use a non comedogenic moisturizer, so you aren’t clogging those pores. And never forget to include that sunscreen.

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