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A Mom’s Viral Sunburn Hack Works… but there’s a But!

Are you one of the hundreds of thousands who has seen the June 22 post from a Texas mom? Cindie Allen-Stewart shared her decades-old family secret on Facebook hoping to help some friends who, like her, are prone to sunburn despite using sunscreen.

The “miracle” trick to sooth sunburn is shaving cream! Allen-Stewart say to apply menthol foam shaving cream on the burned area and then just sit. After about 30 minutes, the area covered by shaving cream may start to feel cold and dried out and that’s when it should be rinsed off with lukewarm water.

She says usually after the second treatment the sunburn disappears.

Now our own Dr. Stephen Schleicher agrees that menthol-containing products can help ease pain associated with sunburns and might work for less severe cases. But he says more extensive sunburn, especially when accompanied with blisters, is best evaluated by your dermatologist.

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