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Do you really need to use special eye cream, or is it a scam?

Are you doing your eyes a disservice if you use a plain old regular moisturizer instead of an eye-specific cream?

The short answer is yes. Ask the Derm says even though the skin around the eyes is still skin, it does have some concerns that are different than other areas of the body. The skin around the eyes is more delicate and sensitive. There are also different issues around the eyes than other parts of your skin like dark circles.

The main goal of eye cream, aside from brightening the eye area and reducing the look of fine lines is to deliver the same ingredients you would use on the other parts of the face but at doses that are gentle enough to not trigger irritation in a sensitive area of the body.

When choosing an eye cream, the safest option is to choose something that’s fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. Now if the moisturizer you’re using on your entire face is made to simply moisturize the skin and protect the moisture barrier, it is totally fine to use around the eyes. It’s when you start using acne products or anti-aging creams that you probably want to avoid the eye area, as those products can be irritating.

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