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5 Tips to Beautiful Skin Most Dermatologists won’t tell you, but Ask the Derm will!!

Having beautiful skin doesn’t have to be reserved for people who can spend big bucks in the department store. There are 5 simple tips most dermatologists won’t tell you, but Ask the Derm will.

1) Sugar math Watch how much high glycemic foods you eat including fruit. The sugar math is simple… Sugar → Insulin Insulin → Oil-producing hormones Oil-producing hormones → Acne ----- Sugar = Acne

2) Eat Vitamin C Vitamin C can help create collagen and attacks free radicals. Collagen fills in those fine line and

wrinkles. Now be aware how you are eating your Vitamin C. You don’t want to consume too much sugar (please see #1).

3) Get the RIGHT sun exposure Getting sun exposure is important, but only if it’s the right one. UVB rays are the ones that will help you produce Vitamin D. UVA rays are responsible for sunburn, wrinkles and dry skin. Make sure your sunscreen blocks those UVA rays. Also, make sure you are wearing that sunscreen even in the car because UVA rays can pass through glass. A good sunscreen doesn’t nanoparticles and stay away from sprays because it’s difficult to apply evenly.

4) Use the speaker Plan on being on that phone for a while… then use that headset. Heat and sweat are two things you generally want to avoid if you have acne prone skin, so having a phone pressed to your face isn’t the best idea if you want beautiful skin.

5) Moisturize from the inside Everyone knows about slathering on moisturizer, but you can also moisturize your skin from the inside. Omega-3 supplement or foods high in fatty acids can hydrate your skin and prevent inflammation. So enjoy an avocado every once and a while.

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