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4 Skin Conditions That Are Often Misdiagnosed

Do you see something on your skin and wonder if it’s a sun spot, pimple or blackhead? Ever wonder if it could be something worse? To the untrained eye, unusual spots on your skin can cause confusion and alarm. Sadly, they can also go misdiagnosed and often not getting the attention they require. Here are the top 4 skin conditions most commonly misdiagnosed and how to look out for them.

Basal Cell Carcinoma

Skin cancer can be mistaken as a small blemish. It is the most common skin cancer and can often start as a small pink bump that be confused or misdiagnosed as acne. Because of this, dermatologists recommend examinations if a new spot is around for more than three weeks and grows, bleeds or changes in any way.


Rosacea can also be disguised as acne. The chronic skin condition of the face has two prominent traits; redness and skin sensitivity. It makes the disease difficult to both diagnose and treat. If you have sensitive skin, tend to blush or flush easily or have pink pimples that take a long time to heal, you might have rosacea.


Many people self-diagnose themselves with a dry, flaky scalp when they have psoriasis. It is a condition in which your immune system gets angry at your skin and attacks it. It shows up on elbows, knees and can also be found on the scalp.


The inflammatory condition which causes the skin to develop microscopic cracks and causes loss of hydration can often be confused for the fungal infection ringworm.

In order to avoid a misdiagnosis, it’s important to see expert insight and treatment from board-certified dermatologist. Do you need to see the Dermatologist NOW.. but an appointment isn’t available for MONTHS?? Not at DermDox Dermatology Centers! Call now for an appointment and get in within THREE weeks! Call us now – 570.459.0029

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