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Tricks and Treats: The Post-Halloween Skin Care Survival Guide

Halloween might be a good excuse to dress up and eat candy, but it is not a reason to sacrifice your skin care. Here are 5 post-Halloween skin care survival tips that will rejuvenate your skin after a night of fright.

Tip #1 – Purify with a deep cleansing clay mask

Before your face has time to breakout, treat your complexion to a purifying clay mask. It will help give your skin a deep cleanse by purifying your pores and promotes a healthy-looking glow after a night of Halloween makeup and candy.

Tip #2 – Facial oil is awesome

After you’ve cleansed, treat your skin to a nourishing facial oil. This will replenish and renew dull, dry skin and promotes a youthful-looking glow. Use it on its own or under your favorite moisturizing night cream for added hydration.

Tip #3 – Try an overnight mask

Replenish your skin while you sleep with a nourishing overnight mask. This can give your complexion a boost of hydration, leaving it feeling soft and moisturized.

Tip #4 – Water

Whether you’re enjoying candy or cocktails, keep your skin and your body hydrated.

Tip #5 – Breathe

After a day or night of Halloween makeup, give your skin the day off and go au natural.

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