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4 Tips for Back-to-School Skincare for Students and Parents

It’s that time of year… back-to-school time. Whether you are happy about it or not, this time of year can be filled with anxiety and excitement. A new routines and busy schedule is a big change and can also cause changes in your skin. Here are 4 tips for keeping your skin healthy as the chaos begins.

1. Shed the tan – Even with the use of sunscreen, it is possible you got a tan and are now left with uneven texture as it wears off. Exfoliate to remote built up dead skin cells, encourage new cell development and help return your skin to its natural color.

2. Acne… deal with it – Hormonal changes, especially in the teenage years, can send the oil glands into overdrive and cause black heads, white heads and acne. Make sure you are cleansing your skin in the morning and evening with a cleanser designed for your skin type. This will keep your pores clear and open. Make sure you use non-comedogenic, oil free products such as DoxMAX Acne Wash 10% to keep your skin healthy.

3. Watch your diet – You may have spent your summer eating some healthy and unhealthy food at barbecues and vacations. Now is the time to return to your normal skin healthy diet. Skip oily, sugary, fatty foods and refined carbs. Eat more fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and lean proteins.

4. Avoid skin infections – Dorm living or the return to team sports increases your risk of contagious skin infections. Be aware of common skin conditions caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi to prevent infection and spreading. Wash your hands frequently and try to keep shared surfaces, sporting equipment and common areas clean and disinfected.

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