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1 in 5 skin cancer cases missed during COVID-19 – 5 signs to watch out for!

ONE in five skin cancer diagnoses have been missed during the coronavirus pandemic, a new study

has revealed. Experts also found that a third of dermatological appointments were missed compared to figures saw in 2019.

The most common sign of skin cancer is a change to a mole, freckle or normal patch of skin.

Doing a simple ABC test can help you spot the signs.

A - asymmetry - the two halves of the area may differ in shape or color.

B - border - the edges of the area may be irregular or blurred, and sometimes show notches.

C - color - this may be uneven. Several different shades of black, brown and pink may be seen.

D - diameter - most melanomas are at least 6mm in diameter. Report any change in size, shape or diameter to your doctor.

E - evolution – if you see progressive changes in size, shape or color over weeks or a few months, you must seek expert help.

Have a spot or mole that concerns you or it’s just time to get a skin cancer screening? Immediate appointments are available in all our locations; Sugarloaf, Mechanicsburg, Leola, Camp Hill, Bethlehem and Gilbert… Call now or click to schedule online.

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