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Stephen Schleicher, MD

Principle Investigator

Rebecca M. Geiger, PA-C

Dana Mauch, CRA
Director of Clinical Research

Kimberly Carl, CRC

Investigational Drug Manager


Mary Anne Drenning, R.N., CRC

 Study Nurse, Unblinded Pharmacist


Erin McDonald, BS, CRC

Clinical Data Manager


Elise Mangine, BS, CRC

Clinical Document Specialist

DermDox has engaged in phase I, II, III and IV clinical trials for over two decades. Companies include:


◊ Abbvie

◊ Advanced Tec Materials
◊ Amgen
◊ Collagenex
◊ Dermaventure
◊ Dermik
◊ Eli Lilly

◊ Ferndale Labs
◊ Galderma
◊ Genentech
◊ Helix BioMedix
◊ Oculis
◊ Quinnova
◊ Regeneron

◊ Dol-Gel

◊ Taro

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