Your diet won’t cure Psoriasis, but it can help in some unexpected ways

When you consider lifestyle changes to manage your psoriasis symptoms, you’ve probably thought about which moisturizer is best or whether you can still use all your go-to skin products. On the other hand, things like whether your breakfast, lunch or dinner could be helping or hurting your condition may not be so top of mind. But perhaps it should. While the role of diet in inflammatory diseases like psoriasis is still being studied and not entirely clear, dermatologists do agree that there are certain healthy-eating habits that can help you better manage your psoriasis. 1. Lose weight if you need to. Patients who are overweight do have an increased risk of developing psoriasis, and their pso

5 Things Most Dermatologists won’t tell you… but Ask the Derm will!!

#1) I can tell how you sleep No, I really can. Did you know if you sleep on your side or your stomach you will create a furrow on one side of your face. Ask the Derm recommends you sleep on your back to minimize wrinkles. #2) You sleep with EVERYTHING you touched That just sounds gross doesn’t it, but it’s true. If you hit your pillow at night without washing, every SINGLE thing you came into contact with that day is on your skin. Ask the Derm recommends you keep a box of alcohol-free towelettes by your bed. So if you are ever too tired to lather up you can just wipe off your face. #3) Squeaky-clean is NOT good Have you ever washed your face and it’s felt squeaky-clean??? STOP right no

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