Understanding what eczema is and how it works is key to finding the most effective treatment.

Atopic Dermatitis (AD), more commonly referred to as eczema, is a complex disease that affects different people in many different ways. Flareups can be triggered by a wide range of stimuli, with varying degrees of severity, often causing painful, unsightly weeping sores. Not surprisingly, the nature of eczema is frequently misunderstood considering how many different ways it can express itself. Let’s look at four interesting aspects of eczema that may help us better understand it and how to treat it. Eczema Is an Allergic Condition Many people view eczema as a stress-related disease since stress seems to be a common trigger for flare-ups. However, the triggers don’t reflect the source of the

The Importance of Keeping Your Skin Hydrated

Is the bone-chilling temperatures ruining your skin?? Winter air contains low humidity, meaning its carries little to no moisture. This can easily dry out the skin, causing your skin to become less radiant, less smooth and easily irritated. During cold climates, we are prone to turning up the heat to stay warm indoors; this also plays a role to our skin. Consistent heated air from your heating system picks up dust, pollen and other allergens that can irritate your skin, making it dry and itchy. Outdoors in the winter can be just as treacherous as indoors in the winter. This is why maintaining the moisture in your skin by devising a winter skin care regimen during the winter is crucial. Stayi

Top 10 Tips for Healthy Winter Skin

1. Invest in a Humidifier to Maximize Moisture Using a humidifier in your home or office will add moisture to dry winter air and help keep your skin hydrated. Run a humidifier in the rooms you spend the most time in, including your bedroom. 2. Lower the Thermostat to Avoid Dryness When it's chilly outside, what's the first thing you want to do? Crank up the heat! But central heat can make the air in your house even drier. Try setting the thermostat at a cool yet comfortable setting — 68°F to 72°F — to maintain healthy skin. 3. Limit Shower Time and Temperature It may be tempting to take a long, steamy shower, but your skin will be much better-served with a 5- to 10-minute lukewarm shower (or

10 Do’s and Don’ts for Washing Your Face

The amount of times you wash your face may be less important than HOW you do it. It may also be the difference between glowing skin and an attack of acne. While many believe if you don’t put on makeup or workout you don’t need to wash your face twice a day. Be warned. No matter your skin type or condition, a nighttime cleansing routine is paramount. It’s highly recommended you wash your face twice a day. Ready for a clean start? Follow these do’s and don’ts. Do: Properly remove all your makeup first Use a gentle makeup remover to get the job done before you start actually cleansing — especially before bed. Don’t: Bust out the generic bar soap Unless they’re specially formulated for the

Ten Things You Need to Know About Dermaplaning

Everyone wants radiant and healthy-looking skin. Even if you are diligent about your skincare routine, your complexion could still benefit from treatments that only a skilled esthetician can perform. Dermaplaning is one such treatment we offer at the DermDox Dermatology offices. Here are ten things you need to know about this facial rejuvenation treatment. It is an effective method of mechanical exfoliation. During a dermaplaning facial, our esthetician will gently guide a scalpel across the surface of your skin. This provides mechanical (physical) exfoliation, as opposed to chemical exfoliation. Exfoliation gets rid of dead skin cells that can build up, clogging your pores and making you

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