#FaceFacts: Moisturizer should be a key part of your skincare routine – regardless of your skin typ

Yep, you should slather on a face lotion even if you have oily skin. When you use a cleanser to wash your face, it can strip your skin of essential moisture. So, if you’re naturally oily, your skin might be tricked into thinking it needs to produce even more oil to make up for what has been lost. If that’s the case, you may want to look for a moisturizer that’s designed for your skin type to rebalance and ensure that your skin looks mattified, not oily. Look for water-based moisturizers that are formulated with aloe water and hyaluronic acid. They can help provide long-lasting hydration. Also, remember to apply moisturizer to damp skin to help lock in hydration. If you need to see a De

#FaceFacts – The 8 Immediate Benefits of Ice Cubes for Your Skin

#FaceFacts – Ice cubes won’t just keep you cooler during this heatwave… it is truly one of the most brilliant beauty hacks and underrated product. It’s easy to make and is extremely versatile. Best of all, it’s practically free. Here are 8 benefits of ice cubes that will elevate your beauty routine. Reduce pimples and inflammation – Wash your face and gently dab dry with a clean paper towel. Wrap the ice cube in another clean paper towel or plastic bag. Place it exactly on top of the acne for 1 minute. Give it a break for 5 minutes then start over. Remove sallowness and boost circulation – Wash your face and gently dab dry with a clean paper towel. Wrap the ice cube in another clean pa

#FACEFACTS - Hot Showers

#FACEFACTS – A hot shower is NOT good for your skin or hair. It not only dries out your skin, but if you color your hair… that color will fade faster. Everyone loves a hot shower, except maybe your skin and hair. At it turns out, hot water dries out skin and leaves hair brittle. If you color your hair, the color is likely to fade faster once the water gets steamy. Showers above 99 degrees may trigger inflammation, causing rashes and exacerbating eczema. Ultimately the best temperature that offers the greatest hair and skincare benefits is cold. Cold showers strengthen the contractile fibers around pores, muscles and hairs which improves the firmness of skin. While cold may be too cold

The Best Ways to Treat Peeling Sunburn

First… you should always wear sunscreen and avoid getting a sunburn at all costs. But we are realistic and understand that sometimes it happens. Here are the best ways to treat peeling sunburn. The burn itself – that sore red or pink tinge to your skin – can show up just a couple of hours after you’ve been exposed to the sun. The sun sparks a cascade of chemical reactions starting in the pigment-forming cells called melanocytes. They produce more pigment and that sits like an umbrella over your skin cells to protect the DNA from further sun damage. The color and sting of sunburn go away in three to 10 days, sometimes to be replaced by peeling. Skin cells are always dying and coming off

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