Skin Cancer Screening: Fall Checklist

Find it. Treat it. Beat it. A simple statement, but the meaning behind it is strong. Each year there are more new cases of skin cancer than combined cases of breast, prostate, lung and colon cancer. Early diagnosis through a skin cancer screening can be the difference between life and death. According to American Cancer Society research, if melanoma is caught in stage one, the 5-year survival rate is 97%. Late detection survival rates can be as low at 15%. What Happens in a Skin Cancer Screening? Not knowing what occurs in a skin screening can be a bit unnerving to a first timer. A typical skin cancer screening is a simple 10-minute appointment where a dermatologist examines your body looki

10 Tips To Keep Your Skin Happy & Healthy This Fall & Winter

As the weather shifts, so do our routines. That can include such things as taking more baths, using hotter water, spending more time inside, drinking less water, and connecting less with friends, all of which can impact skin. Keep on top of skin’s seasonal changes with these simple tips and tricks. 1. Hot water can be damaging to skin, so try to keep your baths and showers warm instead. 2. Wind, rain, and cold can be harsh on the skin. Double up and protect. Try using oil-based moisturizer and sealing it on with a face cream. This doubled-up duo provides more protection against the elements. 3. Humid fall weather can increase breakouts. Look for an oil-based moisturizer that will help restor

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